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VMG Blades Mako 35

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VMG Blades Mako 35


Winner of the “The Bilbao World SUP Challenge Euro Tour”  2015

Elite Racer Titouan Puyo’s personal choice

Mako 35 is agile, for the tightest bouy turns, downwinding and BOP racing.

We worked with some of the Worlds best paddlers, including Titouan Puyo, Beau O’Brian, Terrene Black and James Casey to develop this fin.  The outline has been optimized for maximum agility, and low drag.

The light weight, mid length, narrow width, and optimized foil design and thickness ratio allows the board to spin on a dime, accelerate quickly, and get you on more bumps and stay on them longer.

The fin with maximum agility, cutting the tightest turns, and letting you place your board exactly where you want it.

As with all of our fins, this design is efficient at shedding weed, so you confidently know that nothing is holding you back.




Why VMG Blades Mako fins?

- High quality carbon construction
- Ultra light – so light they float
- Prolonged glide – optimised foil decreases drag
- Innovative leading edge R&D
- VMG gets you across the finish line faster