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VMG Blades Mako 44

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VMG Blades Mako 44


Giving you Confidence, when the Going gets Rough

Mako 44 stabilises your ride in demanding conditions.

This fin is based on the same concept as the Mako 37 but with an extra 20 mm of length to increase your board stability.

The outline has been optimized for the perfect combination of stability, catching bumps, surfing waves and straight line stability without locking you in.

The light weight, extra length, mid width, and optimized foil design and thickness ratio allows the board to accelerate quickly,  getting you on more bumps and staying on them longer.

The fin which adds stability for downwind paddling, surfing or flatwater racing.

As with all of our fins, this design is efficient at shedding weed, so you confidently know that nothing is holding you back.




Why VMG Blades Mako fins?

- High quality carbon construction
- Ultra light – so light they float
- Prolonged glide – optimised foil decreases drag
- Innovative leading edge R&D
- VMG gets you across the finish line faster